Sandra aka ghostnut aka molossus aka rooibas (myfeetshowit) wrote in spikedawn,
Sandra aka ghostnut aka molossus aka rooibas

Dancers In the Rain - Weather Challenge drabble

I’m not sure exactly what the challenge rules are but drabbles I do so a drabble I did. Sometime after Tabula Rasa. Challenge word Weather. Rated FRMT

Dawn cut through the cemetery because of the rain. Stupid, she knew. Clouds made it dark enough that vampires could be out, daytime or no. Still, she had just curled her hair and Tommy Becker was in her homeroom class …

She thought it was an attack at first, a vampire and his prey, but then she caught the flash of bone-white curls, realized the woman had her legs wrapped around Spike’s waist, that hands were pulling his head down—Spike was getting some!

She was tempted to watch… but hair… Tommy… yucky weather.

She wondered who the girl was.
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