Fallout Girl (xfallout_girlx) wrote in spikedawn,
Fallout Girl

What if Dawn had always loved Spike?

What if seeing him with Buffy tore her up inside?

What if she had kept this secrert and never told anyone?

What if...


She knew what was happening, she knew that his heart belonged to another. At first she was the only one to know, to her it was obvious. Of course she adored him so she would know these things. She had always looked up to him, he was her friend and protector, his bit. Always his bitty Buffy. When her sister had died he watched over her, guided her through that terrible summer, and during that time she grew to love him.


Buffy returned and everything was swept away from her. He loved her sister, not her. God only knew how many time she saw them kiss...how many times they shattered her heart.

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